We get asked every day about shedding and we always have suggestions, but it seems that people want a “magic bullet” that will take away cat hair now and forever.

Well folks, get used to it. All cats shed, even the so-called “hairless” cats. So do we. Just check your brush or comb. While it’s more noticeable with long-haired cats, we have more complaints from short-haired cat owners and that’s probably for a good reason.

The best way to deal with cat hair is to brush or comb your cat regularly. Long-haired cat owners are more likely to do this as they know it needs to be done to prevent mats from forming.

If you think your cat is shedding excessively, it could be a medical problem and you should consult your vet. It could also be a nutrition problem. You need to feed your cat a good quality cat food complete with all the vitamins that are essential for skin and coat health. It could be an allergy. Many cheaper foods have dyes and other chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction.

Here are the best ways to deal with shedding:

1. Comb or brush frequently and use the right tool for the right coat. We can help you choose the right grooming tools.

2. Make sure your cat drinks enough water. Give fresh water every day or use a fountain. Cat fountains filter the water to make it taste better and cats really enjoy drinking from moving water or a stream. Vets say it encourages them to drink more.

3. Feed with a good quality food that includes taurine in the nutrition list. Avoid foods with dyes and other harsh chemical ingredients. Good nutrition costs more, but makes for a healthier, happier cat.

4. You may consider adding essential fatty acids to your cat’s food. Alaskan salmon oil and other oils designed as pet food supplements can really improve the skin tone and the coat.

5. When shedding is excessive, it’s time to visit the vet.

Here’s what to do about cat hair in your home.

1. Put down cat beds, blankets or towels in your cat’s favorite sleeping spots and wash them often.

2. Look for tools to help you pick up cat hair from your furniture. Rubber tools work better and are cheaper than sticky rollers.

3. If you need more power, get an animal-rated vacuum cleaner. Several manufacturers make them.

4. Stop complaining and embrace the cat hair. Wear it proudly. Cats give us so much more than their hair.

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