What’s in a MEOW?

Did you know that cats don’t really talk to each other? Most cats communicate with each other non-verbally. Other than the little chirping sound they make with their mother or the angry yowls of a fight, cats communicate without saying much.

But, cats do meow and they do it for us. Cats know that we like to talk and they talk back. Scientists believe that cats learned to make the meow sound to get their person’s attention and to get fed. But, our reinforcing the meow with food and attention kept them saying “MEOW.”

Many people report having lengthy conversations with their cats and some breeds are reported to be more verbal than others. Siamese cats are notorious for the range of sounds they make and their demanding attitude.

Personally, I like a chatty cat. My Himalayan has a beautiful voice and we love to have a nice long chat.

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