Catnip Myths

MYTH: Catnip is like marajuana.
FACT: Catnip is completely safe for your cat. It is not addictive and causes no lasting effects.
MYTH: Catnip makes cats mean.
FACT: When cats are playing with toys, they are practising hunting behavior. Play is part of how a mother cat teaches her kittens to hunt. When playing with a catnip toy, a cat’s reactions may be intensified. You may see biting, scratching and kicking that would be used in hunting and killing prey in the wild. If you try to take a catnip toy during this intense play, you might be scratched. But, this is not “mean” behavior. It’s simply hunting reflex. So, if your cats have this reaction, just step back and let them be cats.
MYTH: Catnip is bad for cats.
FACT: On the contrary, there are many beneficial uses for catnip. It can help stimulate appetitie in cats who are avoiding food. Fresh catnip can be used like cat grass to aid in digestion. It can help cats recovering from an injury to regain some mobility. It can be used in training situations, like scratching post training. Catnip can help in getting sedentary cats up and moving. And, there are no long term effects or permanent mood changes. Catnip is completely safe for your cat.
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